Project Description

Our client owned approximately 1.3 ha of agricultural land near Standish and wanted to start a new agricultural activity, namely the commercial breeding of worms for local fishing clubs. De Pol were instructed to secure planning permission for the erection of an agricultural building and associated structures for use as a worm farm.

We were able to obtain planning permission from Wigan Council, securing:
• A 280sqm agricultural building with a 78sqm covered hard standing area for indoor worm propagation, the bagging and packing of the worms, general storage and staff facilities
• 6 outdoor blockwork worm beds, each measuring 2 metres by 15 metres
• An indoor composting bay and mixing area
• A new access track

In so doing we demonstrated how the worm farm would operate, justified the scale of the proposed development and demonstrated how there would be no adverse impact on the landscape or conflict with relevant development plan policies.