Project Description

De Pol were appointed to represent Northern Express Glass Ltd and obtain planning permissions for additional manufacturing units at their factory in Fleetwood, Lancs. The company is the largest independent manufacturer of its kind in the UK with an annual turnover of more than £9 million.

We were initially appointed to obtain permission from Wyre Borough Council to provide 475sq metres of additional floor space in 2011. Following the grant of permission, we were subsequently re-engaged to progress pre-application discussions with planning officers and submit an application for a further 575sq metres of new floor space by providing an additional building on site, with a new site access.

Due to the nature and scale of the proposals in the flood zone, we needed to demonstrate in our submissions that the development would not be unacceptably vulnerable to flooding and would not increase the risk of flooding elsewhere. We also needed to demonstrate that there was sufficient parking on site for staff and delivery vehicles and to assist with this, we commissioned a bespoke travel plan that showed how vehicle movements and travel to/from the site could be minimised.

Planning permission was approved conditionally, which allowed the operator to continue their growth in a challenging market.