Project Description

De Pol has provided advice to Trax Care, now part of C4C Care 4 Children, in relation to their children’s care homes and educational facilities provided through their subsidiary Trax Academy.

De Pol acted on behalf of the company in respect of the conversion of a number of dwelling houses to care homes for young people across the Fylde Peninsula. In each of these cases Del Pol successfully demonstrated that the intensity of use and the activities which would take place at the properties would be comparable to that which would be reasonably expected at a dwelling house. On this basis De Pol has secured a number of certificates of lawfulness for care homes on behalf of Trax Care.

In addition to Trax Care’s care homes De Pol has also advised Trax Academy in relation to planning matters at its sports and educational facilities including:
• Motorsports Centre in Preston where Trax provide education tailored around the use, repair and maintenance of motor vehicles;
• Watersport Centre in St Annes where Trax provide opportunities for children in care to engage in water based activities and learn about marine conservation; and
• Agricultural and Equine facility near Weeton where Trax intend to provide practical education in relation to farming and horses. De Pol secured planning permission for this new facility in 2016.
The advice De Pol has given Trax Care over a number of years has allowed the company to respond to the care needs of children in the northwest and provide enhanced opportunities for education and training.