Project Description

Acting on behalf of Trax Academy, now part of C4C Care 4 Children, De Pol resolved a number of planning issues associated with motorsport facilities at Preston docks.

Trax Academy offers young people a unique choice of bespoke educational and vocational courses at various training centers in Lancashire. At their site in Preston they provide education and training in motor vehicle use, repair and maintenance. Trax Academy also owns and operates commercial go kart and motocross tracks on the site, which are available for public use.

Over a period in excess of 20 years various buildings and structures have been erected on the site responding to the needs of the business, many without the benefit of formal planning approval. De Pol undertook a review of the buildings and uses on the site, identifying when they had been erected and which had not previously received approval from the authority.

Through a combination of a certificate of lawfulness and planning application De Pol were able to address issues relating to unlawful buildings and structures on the site.

The approval allows Trax Academy to continue to operate from the site with the confidence that their existing operations and buildings are lawful.