Project Description

De Pol has successfully secured retrospective planning permission for a large side and rear house extension in north Preston.

A householder approached De Pol following contact from an Enforcement Officer at Preston City Council. The homeowner had obtained planning approval for an extension to their 1930s semi-detached house. However, the work undertaken by the client was not in accordance with the approved plans building an extension which was significantly larger and different in appearance to that which had been approved.

De Pol advised the client and developed an amended proposal which met the client’s aspirations and responded to planning policy. The amended proposal retained the majority of the as built extension including the depth of the rear extension and roof line neither of which accorded with policy. The only changes proposed were minor alterations to the front elevation. Despite initial concerns from Planning Officers at Preston City Council De Pol were able to demonstrate that the retained roof line did not have a detrimental impact on the character of the area and that the rear extension had no impact on the amenity of adjoining residents.

De Pol were also able to agree with Preston Planning Officers that the application should be treated as a variation of condition rather than a new application. In agreeing this position De Pol was able to limit the applicant’s liability for CIL only to the additional floorspace proposed and not for the whole extension. De Pol’s approach resulted in a significant cost saving of thousands of pounds for the client.

Planning permission was granted for the amended extension and the client is currently on with extending their home in accordance with their new planning permission.